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Karlstad is a wonderfully compact Swedish city, built on a grid pattern with wide, tree-lined streets, avenues, promenades, and squares. Karlstad has a "big city" feel, with many quality hotel and other accommodation options, with the advantage that city’s many attractions are just a short walk away: shopping streets, malls and arcades, culture, historical sites, urban nature activities, parks, transport, and amenities. Don’t forget that this is child-friendly Sweden and children are welcome everywhere in Karlstad.

The City

The city of Karlstad lies on the river delta where two of Sweden's great natural waterways meet; the 500 km long Klarälven and the mighty Lake Vänern, with its archipelago of 22,000 islands. Klarälven sets the tone of both the style and atmosphere as does the people's reputation for warmth, friendliness and hospitality in Karlstad. As the river meanders through the city its banks fill with traditional Swedish and international cuisine restaurants, café's, eateries, nightspots and places of interest. When summer comes to Karlstad, people come to the banks and the shores of Lake Vänern to enjoy the almost constant daylight that comes with the Swedish summer. Karlstad is the largest city in the province of Värmland. This naturally makes it a magnet for everyone who is looking for good shopping, entertainment, culture and major events. Turning back the clock, Karlstad’s history stretches down through the ages; to the Viking times at Tingvalla in the heart of the city. Karlstad received its charter in 1584 and it is named after King Karl IX of Sweden ("Karl's town", or "Charles" town). The fine architecture, the museums, typically Swedish country houses, manors, buildings and historical sites in and around the city testify to Karlstad's importance to the region and Sweden through the ages.

Top 10


One week – seven kicking golf courses around Karlstad and you can play as early, or as late as you want in the summer months. Imagine telling your friends back home about the time you played golf at midnight in full light. The seven courses we have picked for you are no more than 30 minutes by car from Karlstad, so you can stay in the city, sample its delights and get in 18 holes or more during the day. There are many quality hotels in the city, all centrally located, that offer golf packages. You can also choose from quality hotels, country house stays, cottages and cabins for rent, as well as hostels or camping areas. Some of the golf courses also offer comfortable accommodation options and they have quality eateries where you can recharge your batteries between rounds.

Do & See

In Karlstad, choose from many unique and pleasant experiences. Music, food, drama, adventure and much more for all ages. We have chosen a selection below. Some events must be booked in advance.


How about some fresh Vänern smoked salmon, or maybe even homemade meatballs with tangy, zesty lingo berry. Ever tried pea soup and pancakes (only eaten on Thursdays in Sweden)? Traditional Swedish food is called husmanskost in Swedish, and is typically simple, hearty fare of beef, pork, fish (pickled herring anyone) and other, locally sourced ingredients. It differs by region, but if you get the chance, go for moose, reindeer, raw spiced salmon and different types of herring. You can enjoy all of them here in Karlstad.


In Karlstad, there are plenty of cafés. Here we have compiled a list so that you can find your favourite one.

Bars & Nightlife

Karlstad has a large selection of places to grab a drink, everything from bars with modern style to bars with older furnishing and a great charm. Looking for a late-night out? There are also many nightclubs to choose from. You can find both traditional nightlife as well as several places that offer live music.


Shopping is a breeze in Karlstad. The brilliant thing about shopping in Karlstad is that all the shops are within walking distance in the city. And the biggest shopping centre in Karlstad and the Ikea store outside the city are just a short bus ride or drive away.

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